Operation Pacific, A WW II PTO Tactical 

15-17 July 2016

Camp Siman Events, Tiff, MO

Operation pacific will encompass all nations who had their military in the field from 1931–1945. From the invasion of Manchuria in 1931 to the dropping of the Bomb and the assault from the Soviet Union and the surrender in Tokyo Bay on the USS Missouri in 1945.

Why such a stretch in time and so many Nations. PTO tacticals are few in fact other than a small public battle at Rockford IL there are none in the Mid-West. Camp Siman Events would like to start an Annual PTO Tactical in midsummer a time when there are few events happening.
If this event should take off, we will tighten up the time period and the participating Nations.

Authenticity will be enforced for all impressions. You may have to provide proof of accuracy if you are doing a more obscure impression. Due to the lack of Japanese impressions we will allow a lot of room for interpretation and effort.

We will list some vendors who have IJA uniforms and equipment for sale. Contact us for more information and guidelines.
Since the closing of the PTO in Paris Illinois and Sheridan Arkansas this will be the first one in the Midwest in many years and we would like for all to come out and have a good time.

Camp Siman Events


8 October 2016, Missouri Convoy, Lesterville, MO

The annual 1 day Missouri Convoy will be held Saturday October 8th.

The convoy is open to all era military vehicles and uniforms are optional.

The fee is $5.00 to my convoy veterans or $10 to new-bees, per vehicle.

There is no registration but a RSVP would be appreciated.
Pay cash when you arrive.

Vehicles must be road legal.

This year we will circumvent Clearwater Lake (counterclockwise) via Ellington and Des Arc.
Most of the route is paved but there a a short stretch of rough off road.

The convoy will start from Wilderness Lodge in Lesterville, MO at 08:00.
We will have a picnic lunch at the lake’s dam.
We will return to the lodge before dusk.
(Meals are available at the lodge for those staying elsewhere.)
We have a special $90 rate (per person per night) that includes a gourmet breakfast and dinner.

You may chose to stay at the lodge, Crocker’s B&B or Mike’s Black River Motel in Lesterville.
Campers can stay at the Rivers Edge Campground across the road from Wilderness Lodge.

Trailer parking is available at the lodge’s storage area.

Friday night’s entertainment, after dinner at the lodge, will be a showing of my other convoy videos.
I will also have the newest and larger 3rd edition (40th Anniversary of the WWIIHRS) of my book with over 100 pages available.

If you wish further information email me back.

Terry Johns

PS: The lodge is an excellent place to bring the wife to even if she does not want to partake of the convoy.
Go on their web site and have a look.

Additional: We are looking for a person to ride along in Joe Kalal’s truck.

For information:


Winter Line, a WW II MTO Tactical Battle

Friday, October 14, 2016 at 12:00 PM - Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM (CDT) 

Camp Siman Events, 10135 Oakland, Tiff, MO 63674

This series of tactical battles to be held each October at Camp Siman Events will be based on the various operations against the Winter Line.
This event is themed for the Itialian Theatre but all WW II impressions are welcome. All WW II Military vehicles are welcome.
Camping from Friday - Sunday.
$15 at the gate.


22 October 2016,  Veterans Appreciation Day,  High Ridge Elks, High Ridge, MO

Supported by the 6th Corps Living History Group, St Louis, MO

13th Annual Veterans Appreciation Day and Fund Raiser for the Jefferson Barracks Wheelchair Veterans Sports Team from the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at Jefferson Barracks St Louis, MO



Support the Citizen Solder who gave his all. For some it was Service, for others it was more personal.  This fund-raiser helps the Jefferson Barracks Veterans Wheelchair Sports Team with funds to help off-set their travel expenses to the Games as the Veterans Administration does not cover travel and lodging expenses, these are paid for by the Athlete.  The Games are a multi-event sports and rehabilitation program for military service veterans who use wheelchairs for sports competition due to spinal cord injuries, amputations or certain neurological problems. Attracting more than 500 athletes each year, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games is the largest annual wheelchair sports event in the world.

 In the past thirteen years lodge 2455 has raised $90.000.  Come out and help the High Ridge Elks Lodge 2455 and the 6th Corps Living History Group St Louis, MO along with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association and others in supporting our Nation’s most precious asset, Our Veterans!

Open to the public 12 noon - 5pm.


1944 Ost Front WWII Tactical  

4-6 November 2016

Camp Siman Events, Tiff, MO

The tactical will simulate engagements in late 1944 on the Eastern Front, and as such all Russian and East front capable German units are welcomed! There are German and Soviet camp sites available. plenty of firewood and pit toilet on site.   Please pack extra food and water!  A camp fire dinner will be provided after the battle.  

There will be a gate fee of $15 dollars each, vehicle owners only and vendors are free. Outdoor vending area available bring tables and cover.


For more Event information:


Camp Siman is a former Tiff Mine started in the 1890’s and closed in the 1970’s. 152 acres of hardwood forest with bands of cedar forest, a 10 acre lake, a dam 1800 Ft. long, 60 Ft. high on the wet side and 103 Ft. high on the dry side and 60 Ft. wide on top, the spill way is 1000 Ft. long, 60 Ft. deep and 60 Ft. wide. The road network is made of crushed rock up to three Ft. thick and 10 or more Ft. wide. The terrain is varied from typical MO Ozark woods to moon scapes with large piles of rock of various sizes, test digs, canals, ravines and open areas.

Work started on Camp Siman 15 months ago with the first several months spent on clearing the sides of the 1800 Ft. long dam. Since then the work has concentrated on clearing the preexisting roads and opening up the Reception Center and the Cantonment area. At this time we are set up to host almost any type of event. Once we have a couple of events to raise some funds the road improvements will be complete and we will be able to traverse the entire property with any type of vehicle, Military and POV.

For the year 2015, we hosted four events, the Teaser Tactical, two open houses and one training day, each event was free and open to all. Each event was advertised as open to all impressions regardless of Nationality or Theatre of Operations.

Camp Siman is primitive, NO utilities of any kind, we do have one pit toilet finished with three more planed in the upcoming year. We have 152 acres of land divided into five Ranges each @ 30 acres or so. The Reception Center is open air, NO buildings of any kind, except the pit toilet. A storage shed is planned for this year as well as a HQ building in the German camp. The Reception Center is designed to accommodate any Vendors, S&A, Registration and Field kitchen as well as a large common fire pit area surrounded with benches and a cook area as well as a BBQ pit. We use military style fly’s and all types of tents when appropriate. As the Reception Center is multipurpose you will find nonmilitary items as this area is administrative and not meant to be period correct.

The Containment area is divided into four sites, US, British/Commonwealth, Axis powers and the Soviet Union. To date the US camp is 90% complete, British/Commonwealth is at 50%, Axis Powers @ 40% and soviet @ 25%. Each site for now has a burn barrel with future planes to build a large stone fire ring in each camp using the plentiful natural stone on site. The US camp can accommodate up to two GP medium tents with room for many more types at the same time. Camping is available for most events if requested in advance or if planned as part of the event.

Parking for small events will be along Lake Shore Drive which will accommodate up to twenty vehicles, large attendance will necessitate the use of the dam which will accommodate up to 80 cars, a small parking lot is planed near the crossroads which will hold up to 20 vehicles planning to be cleared this year.

Camp Siman will for now only host WW II Events with the hope of adding WWI, Viet Nam and Air soft in the future. If other time periods are interested we will consider. All Events are fundraisers for the improvements at Camp Siman.

Camp Siman Events and 6th Corps LHG STL MO has one philosophy; we are here to have a good time. All participation impressions are to be historically correct and we follow all HRS and FSSF 6-3 Rules and Regulations as well as those of 6th Corps LHG STL MO and Local, State and Federal laws were applicable.

Please support and attend our events and help make Camp Siman Events, Tiff, MO one of the destination sites for our hobby.

Thank you,

S/SGT Adkins, First Special Service Force 6th CO-3rd REG HRS, Commanding

Secretary, 6th Corps Living History Group, St Louis, MO

Manager and Event Site Coordinator for Camp Siman Events, Tiff, MO

20 February 2016, the Champagne Campaign, Assaulting the Var River Line, A WW II Tactical, Camp Siman, Tiff, MO

30 January 2016, Reconnaissance of Monte La Difensa, A winter Hike, Camp Siman, Tiff, MO

7 November 2015, Veterans Parade, St Louis, MO

16 May 2015, USO Fundraiser, Gateway Harley Davidson, St Louis, MO

21 March 2015, Teaser Tactical,Camp Siman, Tiff  MO

21 March 2015, Teaser Tactical, Camp Siman, MO

9 November 2014, veterans Parade, Florisant, MO


6th Corps Living History Group




6th Corps Living History Group St Louis, MO is dedicated to preserving the memories of the Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States and of all Nations who fought for freedom.  It is our express desire to represent the Military Veteran in the most exact way possible in order to honor their deeds and to educate the public as to the sacrifices of these Citizen Soldiers. The methods which we shall use will be many and varied. This includes Living Histories, Parades, Educational Seminars, private and public battles and the collecting of individual and unit histories and memorabilia with the purpose of keeping alive there great deeds for future Generations.


















 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion Charlie Company 101st Airborne  

Gebirgsjager Regiment 139, 3 Gebrigsjager Division





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